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     Since 2001, the Sun group at Dalian University of Technology (DUT) has been established by Prof. Licheng Sun, who is a Distinguished Professor of “Cheung Kong Scholar Program”, one of the first members selected in “Thousand Talents Plan”. Depended on the State Key Lab of Fine Chemicals, Center of Artificial Photosynthesis(CAP) has been established and mainly focused on solar Fuels & solar cells at molecular levels. In 2006, DUT-KTH Joint Research Center on Molecular Devices was founded.8 years later, Institute of Artificial Photosynthesis (IAP) is built under a new management system regime, which is mainly focused on the conversion solar energy at molecular. Based on last ten years efforts, over 500 articles have been published on influential international journals. Moreover, a strong collaboration upon research and joint-training of postgraduates has been established over the past years.

     At present, there are more than 80 teachers and students in the Sun group, including Prof. Licheng Sun, Prof. Gagik Gurzadyan, Prof. Fei Li, Prof. Jungang Hou, Assoc. Prof. Xichuan Yang, Assoc. Prof. Yan Gao, Assoc. Prof. Peili Zhang, Assoc. Prof. Jinxuan Liu, Assoc. Prof. Ze Yu, Lecturer Xiujuan Wu, Dr. Fusheng Li etc. The lab of our group is a integration of synthesis, assemble and test, 1000 m2 in total. It is equipped with many large-scale instruments, such as electrochemical workstation, electrochemical impedance, high vacuum coating system, photocatalytic activity evaluation system, solar cell photoelectric conversion instrument, stopflow, time-resolved fluorescence specrofluorometer, solar cell test system, etc.

      The Sun group has organized and undertaken more than 20 state key projects, for ex. special program for previous research (973 program), national basic research program (973 program), national science funds for distinguished young scholars, national science funds for key program, national science funds for major international program, national science funds for key support program of major research plan, etc. In 2014, Sino-EU Doctoral School Sustainability Engineering Program (SESE) has been successfully approved, which takes Prof. Sun as the main applicants, the joint research center as the core team, Tsinghua Univ. KIT and EPFL as the partners. In addition, it is focused on solar energy conversion at molecular level.


     The main research areas of the Sun group cover quantum dots sensitized solar cells, organic polymer solar cells, organic-inorganic hybrid (perovskite) solar cells, catalytic water oxidation, catalytic proton reduction, catalytic CO2 reduction, functional devices for light driven total water splitting, new type batteries, light to heat conversion at molecular level. There are more than 500 full articles be delivered on the influential international journals, such as Nature Chemistry, PNAS, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Mater., Energy & Environmental Science, etc.,with a total incites of 28000. Based on the profound international influence on solar energy conversion, a lot of reviews and comments have been invited on Science, Chem. Rev., Energy & Environmental Science, ChemSunChem, Dalton Trans. Moreover, the joint research center has successfully promoted the substantial cooperation between DUT and the international education institutes or organizations, such as Uppsala Univ. (Sweden), Univ. of Regensburg (Germany), CEA (France), Univ. of Nottingham (UK), Texas A&M Univ. (US),Joseph Fourier Univ. (France), etc. Together with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), the Sun group has successfully held 4 international symposium on solar fuels& solar cells from 2008. During these conference, Prof. Michael Graetzel, Prof. Thomas J. Meyer,Prof. Wolfgang Lubitz, and other influential professors have been invited to deliver plenary reports.